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NTUA purchases electrical power from off the Navajo Nation and distributes that power to homes throughout northern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southeastern Utah. Even as NTUA works hard to meet the basic utility needs of the Navajo Nation an estimated 15,000 families are without access to electricity, and many more homes and families are without access to basic utility infrastructure, such as telephones, water, wastewater, and natural gas services.

As a non-profit enterprise, NTUA receives federal loans and grants to extend electrical power to rural communities. What money NTUA generates is returned to maintain, operate, and upgrade utility infrastructure.

With each project, NTUA seeks to strengthen the partnership with the Navajo Nation, the federal government and other outside governments to create a team commitment to continue provide reliable utility services to residents living throughout the Navajo Nation. NTUA knows the territory and we pledge to continue Building Together for Progress – a mission that has been Progressing Since 1959.