The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority purchases electrical power from various wholesale power supply companies in the Southwest and distributes it at retail to residents of the Navajo Nation. To establish new service, transfer service or disconnect service visit your District Office.
Requirements Description
Service Application
(NTUA form 5412)
  • Name, location, description of dwelling, service requesting, rural address and a map drawing of the service location are all part of the application.
Utility Right-of-Way Agreement
(NTUA form 5447)
  • Grants NTUA access to property to conduct surveys, construct, operate and maintain services as requested by you.
  • At this time homesite leases will be verified.
Work Order Request Form
(NTUA form 5413)
  • An agreement to comply with rules and regulations as set forth in the NTUA tariff and grants access to the premises to perform services as requested.
Certificate of House Wiring Compliance
(NTUA form 5988)
  • House wiring or meter loop installation affidavit, signed by certified/licensed electrician who wired or installed meter loop.
Reimbursable Work Order Form
(NTUA form 5429)
  • Only if NTUA is requested to install a meter loop, charges include labor, transportation, and materials, invoicing will be based on actual cost.
Service Entrance Inspection Form
(NTUA for 5989)
  • Completed by NTUA electrician.
Land Use Documents
  • Copies of Grazing and/or Land Use permit may be required.
Customer Contribution
  • Payment arrangement is established and contracts signed.
Security Deposit Required
Security Light = $25.00
House/Hogan = $25.00
Mobile Home = $50.00
Fees Required
Establishment = $10.00 per Utility