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The Navajo Nation, just like many other rural areas, faces considerable challenges with regards to the availability of telecommunications services. Given the absence of broadband capacity, few carriers have ventured to serve the voice and data connectivity needs of the Navajo Nation.

The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority owns and operates data center facilities, Wide Area Network and Local Area Network (WAN/LAN) infrastructures, and telephone network systems that support the operation of its core utility business. NTUA's Plan of Operations includes telecommunications, therefore; the current massive undertaking is to establish a 4G Broadband network that extends across the Navajo Nation.

The accessibility to broadband is vital to the economic development, education, employment, and health and safety of rural America. While a number of initiatives have been undertaken by a variety of people to provide broadband, these services are almost universally absent on the Navajo reservation.

NTUA has established state-of-the-art fiber projects which will give the Navajo Nation access to the super telecommunication highway necessary for economic growth and self-sufficiency while providing quality education, medical care, and enhancing public safety efforts.
Our main objective is to serve as the "Window to the World" using the existing utility infrastructure to directly connect the respective remote medical facilities, schools, chapter houses and Navajo Nation

Governmental offices and entities, offering broadband connection to the Information Superhighway for telemedicine, internet services, distance learning and other state of the art applications such as video conferencing and telecommunication services

The creation of an advance telecom infrastructure is the greatest challenge yet the biggest opportunity for change and progress on the great Navajo Nation.

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