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#LIGHTUPNAVAJO means Bright Lights for more Navajo Families


Imagine life without electricity. Without television, without

computers, tablets or cell phones. Picture life where refrigerators

and don’t exist because there is no electric power.

For approximately 15,000 families on the Navajo Nation this

is reality.


Even today, within their lifetime, a Navajo family may not

experience or enjoy the full benefits that electricity offers.

Therefore – the work to connect electricity to families living

 in rural areas is great but funding is limited. To connect all

homes is a daunting goal to meeting this goal requires solutions

 that are innovative and pioneering.


Today through developing partnerships – innovation and pioneering

combined are part of a new initiative taking place under a project called #LIGHTUPNAVAJO.

It’s in the early planning stages and construction will begin in 2019.

Partnerships for People


NTUA is partnering with the American Public Power Association to bring electricity to homes and families without power. The goal is to work with utilities from throughout country to consider joining to further this incredible mission to bring more electrification to the Navajo Nation.


The LIGHT UP NAVAJO plan is to have outside utilities send their crews to the Navajo Nation to volunteer their time to build powerlines. Visiting lineworkers will join NTUA electric crews to connect homes without electricity, especially those homes that have been on the waiting lists for years.


We know these partnerships will improve the standard of life for Navajo families who will be connected to the electric grid for the very first time. The hope is that LIGHT UP NAVAJO will serve as a successful model for continued efforts to turn on the lights for all Navajo homes that hope to connect to the grid.


Furthermore, the American Public Power Association has provided grant funding for the study, education and meetings related to the #LightUpNavajo !” Initiative.

How you can help

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We have set up a tax deductible donation process for this worthwhile project. The donations will be used to purchase electric connection materials and supplies, including offsetting the hotel accommodation costs for visiting utility crews. Click the links to the donations pages, including a GO-FUND-ME page. We thank you for your consideration.

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