Public Street, Highway and Private Area Lighting

Available to individual customers, public agencies and government instrumentalities, orother customers of the Authority in Navajo Country located along existing lines of the Authority.

Applicable to dusk to dawn overhead lighting of streets, thoroughfares, private areas,alleys, grounds, and other areas.

Character of Service
The Authority will install a dusk to dawn luminaire on existing service poles and maintain the necessary facilities, including lamps, fixtures, controls, and so forth in accordance with its specifications; and supply electric energy for dusk to dawn operation of the lamps.Lamp replacements will be made by the Authority within a reasonable time of a reported outage.

Net Monthly Rate
The net monthly billing shall be as follows:

                                     Monthly Charge
..................................... $9.50 per Lamp

Special Conditions - Dusk to Dawn Lights

A. General. All currently available dusk to dawn lights are equipped with 120 volt, 2 wire ballasts. Other than the lamp, fixture and connection to the unmetered supply on an existing pole and all facilities including new poles and service cable shall beconsidered as extension facilities and shall be paid for by the customer.

B. Establishment Fee. A non-refundable establishment fee of $10.00 per lamp shall be paid in advance by the customer for the establishment of a dusk to dawn light.

C. Extensions. The maximum span on unguyed #4 duplex is 150 feet. If an extension exceeds 150 feet, an additional pole will be required for each 150-foot span or portion there of. Customer shall pay all costs attributable to new facilities and extensions.

D. Ownership of Facilities. All lamps, poles, and fixtures shall be and remain the property of the Authority.

E. Vandalism. Excessive vandalism, as determined in the discretion of the Authority, shall result in removal of the light and any extension facilities. The Authority may give reasonable notice of its intention to terminate service for vandalism.

F. Maintenance. The customer shall be responsible for any damage to facilities caused by him or instrumentalities under his control. Maintenance of all facilities shall be provided by the Authority.

G. Outages. It shall be the duty of the customer to report to the Authority the failure of any lamp to burn or to burn adequately. The Authority will, during regular working hours, perform the necessary maintenance to restore proper service within a reasonable time.

Terms and Conditions
Subject to the Authority's rules and regulations for electric service.