Special Area Lighting Service

Available to public agencies and government instrumentalities, or other customers of the Authority in Navajo Country located along existing lines of the Authority.

Applicable to lighting of stadiums, athletic grounds, rodeo arenas and other special areas for public agencies, government instrumentalities, and others under a contract for a specified term, where the Authority furnishes electric service to facilities owned by the customer.

Character of Service
Normally, single phase, 60 hertz, at one standard voltage, as may be selected (not over 480volts), subject to availability at the premises.

Net Monthly Rate
The monthly billing shall be in accordance with contract terms.

Special Conditions

A. Service under this rate is limited to those situations where high level lighting is required for a specified area, such as an athletic field, rodeo arena and so forth.

B. Individual contracts must be negotiated with the Authority for such applications.

The Authority reserves the right to require a deposit guaranteeing performance by the customer of the contract payments.

Terms and Conditions
Subject to the Authority's rules and regulations for electric service.