Large Power Services (Primary)

Available to all customers located in Navajo Country where facilities of adequate capacityand suitable voltage are adjacent to the premises to be served. A written contract shall beentered into between the customer and the Authority for a term of not less than 36 months.

Applicable to electric service at primary voltage, as required by customers, and as available from the Authority.

Character of Service
Normally, service at primary voltage, 2,400 volts or higher, three-phase, 60 hertz, with demand metering required.

Net Monthly Rate
The net monthly billing shall be the sum of the demand and energy charges set forth below, subject to adjustments as provided in this rate schedule:

                                            Demand Charge:
                                            All kW (of Billing Demand) ................... $16.50 per kW

                                            Energy Charge:
                                            All kWh ..................................... $0.0425 per kWh

Determination of Billing Demand
The billing demand shall be the higher of (I) the Contract Demand as set forth in a contract between NTUA and the customer, or (II) the maximum fifteen (15) minutes integrated demand established by the customer during the current month or the previous eleven (11) months, as measured by standard metering equipment, but in no event less than 1000 KW.

Monthly Minimum Charge
The monthly minimum charge shall be the demand charge applied to the Billing Demand, as determined above, or as provided in the Contract with the customer.

Adjustment for Purchase Power Cost Changes
The above rates are subject to increase or decrease by the amounts by which the Cost of Purchased Power exceeds or is less than $0.03574 per kWh sold. The Cost of Purchased Power includes all costs of purchased capacity and energy, and the costs paid to others for the transmission of such power and energy.

Power Factor Adjustment
The measured demand may be adjusted if, during the period of customer's maximum demand, the power factor is found to be less than ninety percent (90%). The adjustment shall be made by increasing the measured demand one kilowatt for each KVA or fraction there of by which theactual KVA demand exceeds the KVA demand at ninety percent (90%) power factor.

Peak Demand Adjustment
In the event the momentary peak demands of customer result in an increase in kilowattBilling Demand to NTUA by a supplier of power to NTUA, a like increase in the billing Demand will be made to the customer.

Excess Delivery
The delivery of power in excess of the contract demand shall not obligate NTUA to continue the delivery of such excess; and in the event that NTUA is unable to continue suchdeliveries, the billing demand shall reduce accordingly.

Terms and Conditions
Subject to the Authority's rules and regulations for electric service.