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Public Advisory

In March 2020, NTUA implemented a temporary non-disconnection policy to provide financial relief for residential customers. In 2021, as other regional utility companies resumed disconnecting customers for non-payment, NTUA kept the policy in place. However, due to mounting debt regarding past due accounts, NTUA is ending the temporary moratorium on the disconnecting customers for non-payment.


We are strongly encouraging residential customers with past due bills to contact NTUA as soon as possible. NTUA will begin disconnecting residential customers for non-payment beginning Monday, September 19, 2022. NTUA customers will have more than 30 days to contact NTUA about their past due accounts.


We will work with you to help manage your account, including setting up reasonable payment arrangements. You may fill out of the form on this page and a member of our customer service team will contact you.


Also, on this page is a list of regional programs and organizations that offer financial utility assistance; however, these programs do require you to submit your own applications.


We thank the majority of our 43,000 utility customers who have worked hard to keep their accounts current. We are worried about the 12 thousand that are past-due. We are asking past-due account customers to contact us before September 19, 2022.

For more information, call 1-800-528-5011. Thank you.


How will I know if my utility service is going to be disconnected?

Customers facing possible disconnection have been notified by past due notices. If you did not make payments on your utility bills or did not keep current with previous payment arrangements, you may be subject to disconnection after September 19, 2022.


Can I make a payment arrangement?

If you anticipate trouble paying your bill, please contact us. Please contact us directly to reach a solution, You may call 1-800-528-5011 to speak to a contact center agent.



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