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Electricity Connection to Homes


August 16 – Sept 2nd             66 families connected

Sept. 2nd – Sept. 9th               93 families connected

Sept. 9th to Sept. 17th             28 families connected


Total to date – 187 families have received electricity


NTUA District and ECD electric line crews continue to work 10 hour days, weekends and holidays to extend electricity to homes throughout the region. As a result of their efforts in week three, 28 more homes were connected to the grid.


Rights of Way Acquisition:

More families submitted applications for electric connection:

       • There are 129 homes requiring Right of Way (ROW) clearance. The NN Land Department (NLD) has

          released 34 projects, clearing the way for electric line crews to proceed with construction.

       • There are 13 ROW projects pending. The General Land Development Department and NLD have been very

          supportive of the CARES Act efforts and are working to expedite the approval of ROWs.


Electric Capacity Projects

The electric division has finished 1 more electric capacity projects for total of 15 of the 59 electric capacity projects, some of which include:



       • Powerline Conversion

       • Substation - Switch/Motor replacement

       • Substation - Recloser Installation

       • Pole replacements


NTUA’s Off-Grid Solar Program:

NTUA has received applications from 664 people for the Off-Grid residential solar program. It is an increase of 226 people. To date, NTUA teams conducted 233 Feasibility Study/Site Assessments, an increase of 83 homes. Overall 876 people expressed interest in a 3,000 Watt residential solar unit with an energy efficient refrigerator. This is an increase of 248.

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