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Light Up Navajo Projects Underway


NTUA electric construction and electric line crews will begin construction to extend electricity to homes that were part of the 2020 Light Up Navajo project list. Special thanks to Navajo Nation Council and the Office of the President and Vice President, the projects will be included in the CARES Act electric construction projects. There are hundreds of homes on the current proposed project list. It is our hope that we meet the goal to connect these Light Up Navajo homes.



The construction has begun in different communities within the NTUA service territory. Throughout the years, NTUA has been working hard to improve the standard of living for Navajo families, following its mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable utility services that exceed our customer’s expectations. It is goal of NTUA to extend electric service to as many homes as possible by the CARES Act deadline.

You can apply for Light Up Navajo


We invite you to stop by any of our District Offices to submit a residential service line application. If you have a home-site lease, bring it with you.  If you already submitted an electric service application, stop by and check on the status. If you have family, relatives, friends, or community members who do not have electricity - encourage them to stop by any NTUA District Office and ask about Light Up Navajo. If you are interested in Light Up Navajo II – click here and we will follow-up with an email




In 2019 the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority partnered with the American Public Power Association (APPA) to create an innovative, pioneering project called Light Up Navajo. The goal was to connect Navajo homes to the electric grid.  There were 138 visiting lineworkers who traveled to  Navajo Nation – for the six week pilot project. Electricity was extended to 233 regional families. Life has indeed dramatically changed for Light Up Navajo Pilot Project families who enjoying the basic modern conveniences like refrigerated food, electric heating, air conditioning, and televisions. They are making coffee or toast at home for the first time ever. As another school year begins, their children or grandchildren now study without kerosene lamps, candles, or flashlights. The success of the pilot project has paved a path for Light Up Navajo II. Click here for a list of 2019 Light Up Navajo utility participants.




Arizona Public Service

Salt River Project



Conway Corporation



Sacramento Municipal Utility District



Norwich Public Utilities (NEPPA)



Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation

Town of Seaford

Town of Smyrna



Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities



Garden City Electric

Pratt Electric Utility

Winfield Electric




UAMPS -City of St. George

UAMPS -Dixie City Power

UAMPS -Ephraim


UAMPS -Mt. Pleasant

UAMPS -Murray City

UAMPS-Heber Power & Light

UMPA -City of Spanish Fork

UMPA -Manti

UMPA -Nephi

UMPA -Provo Light & Power

UMPA -Salem City



Burlington Electric Dept(NEPPA)


Total 150 –Visiting Lineworkers

 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities

Imagine life without electricity. Without television, without computers, tablets or cell phones. Picture life where refrigerators don’t exist because there is no electric power. For  approximately 15,000 families on the Navajo Nation this is reality. This year the Light Up Navajo crews will work to extend electricity to 300 families throughout the region. The 2019 Pilot Project set the foundation and provided NTUA with a blueprint of how to extend electricity at an accelerated pace with the help of sister utilities representing cities/communities throughout the United States. The pilot project inspired nationwide participation. We are thankful we have help from those who want to be a part of this meaningful, life-changing project called Light Up Navajo!

Light Up Navajo! means Bright Lights for more Navajo Families

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 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities
 Light Up Navajo II Participating States & Cities/Communities