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#LIGHTUPNAVAJO III – A Project to fulfill the Hopes for Electric Connection Continues


Families can now submit applications for Light Up Navajo III, which will begin electric connections in the Spring of 2022. In August 2019, NTUA officials said there would be another year of “Light Up Navajo” – based on the outcome of the pilot project that successfully extended electricity to 233 families throughout the Navajo Nation in 2019.


NTUA was preparing for Light Up Navajo II for the Spring of 2020. However, the world-wide pandemic changed everything. NTUA notified the public power communities that signed up for Light Up Navajo II that the project was postponed and that the project may be delayed it until late Fall 2020.


However, the uncertainty of Coronavirus (COVID19) continued its devastation upon the region which led to the cancellation of the entire 2020 project.


In its preparation, NTUA had received Rights of Way (ROW) approval for approximately 379 families. Instead of having those families wait longer for electric connection, NTUA transferred the list of those homes to the 2020 Navajo Nation CARES Act construction projects.


Following the Navajo Nation leadership approval for the CARES Act expenditure, NTUA set a goal of connecting 510 homes by the December 2020 deadline, which includes a majority of the families that were identified during 2020 LIGHT UP NAVAJO II application process. By the December deadline, 737 families are were connected to the electric grid - 683 by NTUA crews and 54 by neighboring utility crews.


As the crews reached the December goal, NTUA started planning for Light Up Navajo III. The applications are now being accepted. Please visit the local NTUA District Office for more information.




In 2019 the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority partnered with the American Public Power Association (APPA) to create an innovative, pioneering project called Light Up Navajo. The goal was to connect Navajo homes to the electric grid.  There were 138 visiting lineworkers who traveled to  Navajo Nation – for the six week pilot project. Electricity was extended to 233 regional families. The success of the pilot project has paved a path for future Light Up Navajo projects. Click here to see what the 2019 Light Up Navajo project was all about.

Ya’aa’teeh. Thank you for your interest in Light Up Navajo III. You can get the process started by filling out a basic form - click here. We will follow-up with an email to you and the respective District Office. A Customer Care Agent will contact you and explain the process. You could also stop by your local NTUA District office to submit a formal application. The project will require a home-site lease. If you have one, please bring it with you. If not, the Customer Service Agent will explain how to get one. Should you have relatives, friends, or community members who do not have electricity - encourage them to apply for Light Up Navajo III.


Light Up Navajo will ease the Burden for many Families

Imagine life without electricity. Without television, without computers, tablets or cell phones. Picture life where refrigerators don’t exist because there is no electric power. For  approximately 15,000 families on the Navajo Nation this is reality. The Light Up Navajo project will help to change that for families throughout the region. The 2019 pilot project inspired nationwide participation. We are thankful we have help from those who want to be a part of this meaningful, life-changing project called Light Up Navajo!

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