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Light Up Navajo IV


Ya’aa’teeh. Thank you for your interest in Light Up Navajo IV, a mutual-aid program to extend electricity to homes without. You can get the process started by filling out a basic inquiry form - click here.


NTUA will follow-up with an email to you and the respective District Office. A Customer Care Agent will contact you and explain the application process. You can also stop by your local NTUA District office to submit a formal application. Here’s a link to the document listing what information and forms will be required – click here.


Should you have relatives, friends, or community members who do not have electricity - encourage them to apply for Light Up Navajo IV.

LIGHT UP NAVAJO III concludes, extended electricity to 173 Families


In 2022, The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) welcomed to the Navajo Nation 14 utility companies and 69 line worker volunteers that signed up for the Light Up Navajo III (LUN III) initiative. The initiative was created through a unique partnership between the American Public Power Association (APPA) and NTUA.


Light Up Navajo at its very core is a humanitarian mutual aid project that extends service to Navajo homes without electricity.


The LUN III initiative began April 3, 2022, and ended in mid-June. When the project was completed, 137 Navajo homes were connected to electric grid for the first time.


The utility companies and organizations represented 10 states, including Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, California, Connecticut, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Washington D.C. Each week, the crews worked alongside NTUA electric crews at different locations throughout the Navajo Nation.


Since 2019, Light Up Navajo families have been experiencing an improved quality of life, enjoying modern conveniences like refrigerated food, heating, air conditioning, and lights. Life has moved forward without kerosene lamps, candles, flashlights, ice chests, and wood or coal for cooking and heating purposes.


The success of the Light Up Navajo is largely due to communities helping the needs of other communities. Light Up Navajo embodies the true American spirit of people helping people. It’s a collaborative effort like no other – connecting homes of families that have been waiting years for electric power. No longer do family members have the burden of facing each new day without electricity, and visiting line workers gain a new level of pride when they energize a home of a grateful family.



Voices from the Field

Electric line workers from throughout the United States have traveled to the Navajo Nation to help connect the homes of Navajo families to the electric grid. The Light Up Navajo project not only made a positive life changing impact on families, but it also provided a powerful impression on the lineworkers. This video shares their thoughts. NTUA thanks these line workers for volunteering to help our families.

In 2019 the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority partnered with the American Public Power Association (APPA) to create an innovative, pioneering project called Light Up Navajo. The goal was to connect Navajo homes to the electric grid.  There were 138 visiting lineworkers who traveled to  Navajo Nation – for the six week pilot project. Electricity was extended to 233 regional families. The success of the pilot project has paved a path for future Light Up Navajo projects. Click here to see what the 2019 Light Up Navajo project was all about.


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