Navajo Tribal Utility Authority®

Life is certainly different for Light Up Navajo families. Since the spring of 2019, Light up Navajo has paved the path for refrigeration, running water and closed the gap for communications, such as the internet and mobile phones. For the families the emotions ranged from excitement to heartfelt tears. The dream of having electricity is now a reality. Their prayers have been answered. While families express gratitude for electric connection, electric line workers who traveled from across the United States say Light Up Navajo was an experience they will always remember. NTUA would like to thank the visiting line workers who raised their hands, volunteering to leave their families and communities in order to help extend electric service to as many homes as possible within a short timeline. Your help made a meaningful difference and we deeply appreciate your time and energy to make this project successful. Ahe’he’e.



#LightUpNavajo 2019

Pilot Project Teams:



Arizona Public Service

Salt River Project



Conway Corporation



Sacramento Municipal Utility District



DEMEC – Town of Smyrna

DEMEC – City of Milford








Rochelle Municipal Utilities



City of Scottsburg

Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities



Littleton Electric Light & Water Department

Paxton Municipal Light Department

Sterling Municipal Light Department

West Boylston Municipal Light Plant


New Mexico

Farmington Electric Utility System

Public Service of New Mexico








City of Wadsworth

Painesville Electric Department

Piqua Power System



Grand River Dam Authority



Greenville Electric Utility System



City of Santa Clara

City of St George

Heber Light & Power

Lehi City Power

Murray City Power

Washington City Power