Navajo Tribal Utility Authority®





Available to customers who do not reside along existing electric lines of the Authority, in areas reasonably accessible by standard utility vehicles, and who entered into a Solar Photovoltaic Service Agreement with

the Authority.



The Authority has the sole right to determine eligibility for services under this schedule.


Character of Service

The Authority has seven-types of PV Systems available:   (1) Two modules DC system; (2) Four modules (0.7 KWH - per day) DC system; and (3) Four modules (0.7 KWH - per day} AC system;  (4} Eight modules  (1.7 KWH - per day) AC Systems; (5} Eight modules (2 KWH - per day} Hybrid Wind Turbine; (6} Eight Modules (2 KWH - per day) Hybrid LP Gas Generator; and (7} 16 Modules (4 KWH - per day} Hybrid LPG Generator.  The Authority will specify a system based on the service requirements requested by the customer.


The Authority will provide all operation and maintenance.  Prudent utility practices will be followed for all necessary repair operation or maintenance. The Authority will use its best effort to provide the customer a minimum of 24 hour notice prior to performing preventative maintenance.


The customer is responsible for providing the customer site and the connections from the point of service to the customer's facilities, and for permitting the appropriate access to the PV system.    The customer site and customer connections must be approved by the Authority and must meet all safety codes.


Net Monthly Rate

The monthly charge for service under this schedule is as follows:


                                     Type of PV System                           *Rate Code                                Monthly Rate

                                    8 Modules/Wind Turbine                         15                                               $75.00

                                    8 Modules/LP Gas Generator                 16                                               $147.00

                                    1800W PV-Wind Power System              19                                              $100.00


 (includes energy efficient refrigerator)


Special Conditions

     A.  In the event the customer cancels the Solar PV Service Agreement,  the customer shall pay to the

           Authority the "non-salvageable cost" of the PV system.


     B. Usage by the customer of the PV system not in compliance with the design specifications for such

          system or not in compliance with the provisions of this schedule may result in the removal by the

          Authority of the PV system.


     C. The Authority reserves the right to remove the PV system if the Authority determines that the

          continued use of the facilities by the customer poses a threat of injury or damage to persons or



     D. In the event the Authority removes the PV system under the provisions of Sections B and C above,

          the customer will be obligated to pay to the Authority the "non-salvageable cost" of the PV system.


      E. Electric service under this schedule is limited to that provided by the PV system. The Authority is

           under no obligation to provide electric service to the customer at any time by means of the

           Authority's transmission or distribution system.


      F. The PV facilities to be installed pursuant to the agreement will remain the property of the

          Navajo Tribal Utility Authority. This program is developmental and while the Authority intends to

           promote and expand its PV capability, it must be recognized that the Authority is not presently able

           to assure long-term availability of service or rate levels.  The Authority thus reserves the right to

           make changes in rates or, if necessary, to terminate the PV service availability.


Terms and Conditions

       A. Subject to the Authority's rules and regulations for electric service.


       B.  New service under this schedule will be available only if PV Power Systems are available.