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An unprecedented health crisis has settled over the country, affecting the daily lives of all citizens. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the Navajo Nation especially hard, and leaders have taken drastic measures to flatten the curve. As the Navajo people weather this crisis, we are also reminded of our strength, our innate ability to survive, and our tradition to care for each other. We are reminded of K’e’, the traditional teaching which embodies among many things kindness, strength, survival, and caring.


From the onset of COVID-19 in the region, NTUA has viewed the crisis as both a public health concern and a matter of economic hardship. As an essential business, NTUA has remained open during this pandemic—and it remains committed to giving back to communities and customers. From providing free WIFI for students to delivering care packages to people in the most remote areas of the reservation, NTUA is among others on the front lines of the crisis, carrying out a mission to meet the needs of the Navajo people.


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Grateful families said it was stressful to think about having to leave the safety of their homesteads to travel to get basic supplies. The care packages, enough to sustain a family of five for two weeks, brought much relief and eased their burden, especially for homes located more than 20 miles from the closest convenience store and more than 75 miles to the nearest border town

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