Yá'át'ééh & Greetings,


We take this time to share with you our draft Sanitary Sewer Overflow Response Plans (SSORP). Please read through the description and purpose of the plan. We ask for comments after your review. Please use attached on-line form under the Red Box to the right. Your comments will help us in ensuring each one gets addressed and acknowledged. DEADLINE: Please submit comments no later than Friday, December 8, 2023. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-528-5011 and ask for ext. 4625.


The objective of the SSORP is to document NTUA’s plans for mitigating or preventing potential emergency overflows whenever possible, and to prepare NTUA customers as well as responding agencies and departments to efficiently deal with the effects of such events, and to protect public health, environment, and property.


NTUA’s response to any potential Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) will help minimize the overflow impacts on public health, water quality, the environment, and customer service.


These SSORPs is designed to ensure that appropriate crews are immediately dispatched to all reported SSOs to;


• Stop the overflow as quickly as possible

• Minimize the effects of the overflow on

  public health and the environment

• Minimize the impact of the overflow on

  collection system operations

• To report the overflow to the appropriate

  regulatory agencies and to the public

  when warranted.


The objectives of this plan include controlling waste discharge and providing procedures for managing sanitary sewer overflows, preventing harm to public health and the environment, and upholding regulatory reporting requirements.


In addition, it is the hope that through the SSORPs, NTUA will provide outstanding customer service, protect collection system personnel and the wastewater treatment plant, protect all parts of the collection system, and protect private and public property beyond the collection and treatment facilities.


In keeping with our commitment to public safety and quality service, we, NTUA, are reaching out to you for your feedback. Comments can be submitted on the attached comment feature.


Please share with us any questions, concerns, or comments regarding our SSO outlines and we will see to it that each comment is addressed and followed up on.


Ahéhee. We do appreciate your time.

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