Navajo Tribal Utility Authority®

Here are the few helpful tips you and your family can do to help in conserving energy at your home, and lower your utility bill.


 • Electric water heating alone is the second largest

   percentage of the electric portion of your utility bill;

   also setting your water heater thermostat to

   110 - 120 degrees will save on water heating cost.


 • Install low flow shower heads that could result in

   10 - 16% reduction in water heating cost.


 • Buy energy efficient appliances, products and

   lights, compact fluorescent lights use 75% less

   energy than incandescent lights.


 • Turn off unneeded lights in your home and in

    unoccupied rooms.


 • Plug leaks in your home by installing weather-

   stripping or caulk drafty doors and windows;

   install gaskets behind outlet covers. These items

   will save up to 10% in energy cost.


 • Buy insulated drapes and shut them at night to

    keep the heat from escaping through

    the windows.


 • Close vents in unused rooms and shut doors to


Water Conservation